1 x Furman PL8-E Series 2 – 220v power conditioner
1 x Art PB4 4×4 – 110v power conditioner
1x 1500w 220v-110v step down transformer
2x 100w 220v-110v step down transformers


1 x custom mobile studio power cabling kit
(allows 100% electrical autonomy on location with 6K UPS and independent ground)



4 x broadband gobo traps

4 x broadband/bass traps

6 x HF/broadband panels (hangable)

4 x  superchunk corner bass traps

1 x Primacoustic VoxGuard


Heavy duty ATA flight cases


Large assortment of high quality studio and instrument cable

(XLR, TRS, ¼”, AES, adaptors, accessories)


Assorted mic stands, music stands, studio furniture, lighting, accessories, Moroccan carpets, wireless access point/range extender (Wi-Fi).