SSL AWS900 w/ Total Recall, Awesomation

(Upgraded to +SE spec, V2 “improved touch” fader upgrade,
Ethernet, Logictivity Browser)


- 24 ultra low noise dual impedance Preamps

- 24 TwinCurve E and G series 4 band parametric Equalizers

- Assignable dynamics with gate/expander, compressor/limiter

- SSL G Series stereo mix buss compressor

- Advanced DAW control

- Comprehensive monitoring section (5.1, stereo, ST down-mix)

- 8 track busses

- 4 stereo echo returns

- Balanced SSL SuperAnalogue™ circuitry throughout


Patch & Cabling

(100% Mogami system cabling)


- 6 x Switchcraft TT 96 point patchbays
- Stage Box (additional breakout from patch/console):
16x mic inputs, 4x instrument inputs, Stereo Cue and Foldback