Sound Music Productions


The bulk of our local business is music production, but we also do live recordings, remote mixing via FTP, produce jingles for radio and television, and score to picture. Our small recording studio in Casablanca is the best equipped in the country, and is the launching-point for residential recording projects across Morocco.


SMP has partnerships with incredible locations all over Morocco, affording our clients preferential rates over a wide range of properties, ranging from full five-star luxury to comfortable on a budget. Morocco’s climate is so ideal, and its geography so diverse, that nearly any location type you can imagine is possible year-round.


Wanna rock a real Kasbah in the desert? Or maybe you’d prefer a chilled-out beach house on the coast where you can surf in the morning? A luxury villa with a swimming pool in a palm oasis more your style? A private riad in the bustling ancient medina sound interesting? Berber village in snow-capped mountains spark your imagination? Ok. You name it—we’ll put the studio there.


SMP tailors recording packages to each client’s specific needs and budget —delivering world-class audio and unique residential recording experiences, one project at a time. Packages can be as simple as studio equipment and property rentals, or can be much more elaborate and collaborative. SMP can provide an engineer and/or assistant for you, or you can bring your own engineer. A selection of vintage, modern, and ethnic instruments, and full backline is included in the studio rate, and we can source literally anything else your production may require. We organize 3rd party instrument and backline rentals at additional cost if you need something specific (that we don’t already have), and can book local musicians for your sessions if required.


We also provide on-site catering featuring delicious Moroccan, Mediterranean, and international cuisine, housekeeping services, airport pickup and drop-off, and optional 24/7 security and chauffeur services. While SMP does not book travel arrangements directly, we’ll be more than happy to put you in touch with reputable agents that do.


You tell us what you need, and we make it happen.


Here in Morocco, we know a thing or two about taking care of guests. Our goal is not only to make your residential recording project as creative and productive as possible, but to design a once-in-a-lifetime experience.