About Morocco

img1 Morocco is known as the “gateway” to Africa. It’s the northern most point on the African continent: you can drive here from Spain, or take one of the dozens of short low cost flights that arrive daily from Europe. There are also daily direct flights from New York and Montreal. It’s warm and sunny 10 months of the year in most parts of Morocco, and in the southern regions, winter means 22 degrees celsius. But people don’t come here just for the sunshine and palm trees!


Morocco is a multi-ethnic country with a deep, ancient culture steeped in beautiful tradition, art, and music. Morocco is also a developing nation that’s moving full steam ahead into the future. The calm of the traditional countryside is appealing, but so is the bustle of Morocco’s large cosmopolitan cities, complete with fine dining, art galleries, and pulsing dusk-till-dawn nightlife. The blend of the exotic and the familiar draws travelers by the millions each year. Morocco’s reputation for hospitality, generosity and openness is legendary—the people are friendly and welcoming, their culture and art are beautiful, Moroccan food is amazing, and the sights and sounds are incredible.


Morocco is also one of the most naturally beautiful and geographically diverse places on earth: it has both Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines with thousands of kilometers of beaches, snow capped mountain ranges, wide central plains and grasslands, fresh water lakes, forests, and towering sand dunes at the tip of the Sahara desert. The geography alone is a feast for the senses: enough to inspire the best from any artist. Additionally, this amazing diversity affords all kinds of leisure and sporting activities that can be organized as side activities to compliment your residential recording experience. Mountain trekking, kite-boarding, surfing, nature walks, beach bumming, 4×4 off-road excursions, quads, four kinds of skiing (jet, snow, water, dune!)


There’s also a long standing tradition of western artists coming to be inspired by the magic and beauty of Morocco. Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, U2, and many others have come to create here. SMP continues that tradition today, and has welcomed both independent and major label artists for recording dates in Morocco.   If you’d like to incorporate authentic sounds and collaborate with local musicians, they’re available. If you want to just break away to a secluded paradise, be inspired, and do your own thing, that’s cool too. It’s your production…




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